Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday, today.

the second half of the program year is off to a start!
everyone is back in the office...
and we are sorting dates and making sure we have pretty much every minute planned until June.
seriously, that is almost 100% true. every Sunday is planned between here and there, with just a few preaching slots to fill in...programs planned, etc.
do you all do that out there? just curious.
I am not complaining about it, though, it is just different. most congregations or insitutions I have been a part of haven't had most of the year mapped out by the August before. it's not a bad thing. not entirely all good, though, if there isn't wiggle room for the Spirit to move. I think we have enough space, though.

well, I have a few things to update before my meeting at 10:00.
just wanted to ramble for a few moments to prime the pump of my mind...

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Anonymous said...

i like what you said about having enough space for the Spirit to move.

the past 6 months have sort of driven me crazy because they've felt like constant flying by the seat of my pants. which is typically how i've lived my whole life but man, i'm ready for some routine, some structure.

today, i went and marked stuff on my calendar--including what i want to do for Christmas next year. it felt so good. i put it all in pencil--room for the Spirit--so to speak.

hope you have a blessed evening!