Sunday, May 10, 2009

but then again...

What an amazing morning we had,
the women who are on my CE commission.
First of all,
we sat down to an amazing breakfast at THE. DINING. ROOM. TABLE. at one lovely woman's dear home. Don't you love the occasions you can break out all of fun china or whatever it is that you don't use until company comes over, or a holiday happens?
Scandanavian baked pancake, fresh fruit, homemade apple coffee cake, lox, bagels, coffee, tea (in a real tea pot!), laughter, smiles, serious words, communion.
Who gets to go to work and do this?

And then, retiring to the living room, we prayed. We teased. We problem solved. We dreamed. We planned. And were amazingly efficient--done by noon.

What hope.
What grace.
What blessing.


Mary Beth said...

I love this!!

Songbird said...

Me, too!!!

Purple said...

What a great gift for you...and the CE people.