Monday, May 04, 2009

messing around

even though I don't write anonymously,
I want a new handle for my blog...and I am thinkin' an new blog with a catchy name.
for now, I just changed my "name" to revkjarla,
Kjarla is my NPR name (see post sometime last week.)

I can't figure out how to make the blog look more cool. more for now, I will just play with the colors, and ponder upon a new catchy title.

back to virtual shoe shopping at Zappos.


Mrs. M said...

When that gets old, there's virtual house shopping on


Songbird said...

I like Talbots, too.

mompriest said...

Well, I loved your old blog with the pottery images....but this new will be wonderful too - because you are!

cheesehead said...

I love the name Kjarla.

Jan said...

Just meeting you, I'll be interested in what you do with your blog. I love Zappos. I really like on-line shopping, though I'm not really a "shopper" except for books these days.