Monday, May 18, 2009

My interview with MomPriest

even though I just spilled coffee for the second time on my keyboard....
I would love to be interviewed by it goes:

1. Where do you blog?

2. What are your favorite non-revgal blog pal blogs?

Easy: The Daily Coyote
and Diary of a Mom

Daily Coyote is the photo journal of Shreve Stockton, living in Wyoming with Charlie, an orphaned coyote she rescued when very young...but it is more than photos. It is a reflection on life, on giving, on changing course...

Diary of a Mom is written by Jess Wilson, who writes about being a parent of two beautiful girls, one who has autism. It is the story of the wrenching joy it is to be a mom, the challenges and humour of parenting, and a landscape of one woman's inner life. It's a beautiful blog.

3. What gives you joy?
my beloved, the cool of the morning, birds singing, wet grass, the smell of jasmine, good coffee, a good meal shared, books, quiet that is filled with the silence of secret sounds, new shoes, friends, sleeping in, Sunday afternoon naps, scritching the ears of all animal friends in our house, walking the dogs, on-demand t.v., Red Sox, pedicures, soaking in the hot tub, a nice glass of wine, sunny days, my garden, my mom, seeing redtail hawks in the sky, and a good walk or strenuous hike.

4. What is your favorite sound?
hmm. favorite sound. the dogs barking when beloved is a block away from home. they get so darn happy! popcorn popping is always a happy sound. and of course, being in a wild place where all the wild unseen creatures are buzzing and chirping and crunching and falling.

5. What do you hope to hear once you enter the pearly gates?

6. You have up to 15 words, what would you put on your tombstone?
You know, New England cemeteries have interesting epitaphs
However, I won't go there. I suppose something simple, like
"She did her best..."
or...a nice bible verse, like
"Be still and know"

7. Write the first sentence of your own great American novel.Sometimes you don't know a story exists until you start writing it...

8. What color do you prefer your pen?
Forest green.

9. What magazines do you subscribe too?Oprah, Christian Century, and that's it. I do enjoy reading free catalogs, though, like Garnett Hill, Pottery Barn, LL Bean, Sundance...

10. What is something you want to achieve in this decade?Hmmm. Long term goals. Some unbloggable, but I would like to have a full ceramic studio in my basement.

11. Why are you cool?

Ummm. Not so cool, I don't think. But if pressed, I guess I am cool because I am a RevGal!! ;-)

12. What is one of your favorite memories?When I was four, I loved to go out to the barn where the cows were feeding. I would sit on the fence and sing to them. I feel certain they loved it. Another dear memory is gardening and gathering eggs with my Grandma when we lived with her on the farm.

13. Anything else you've always wanted to be asked?I would love to be Beyonce for a day.


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Purple said...

A full pottery very cool.

Side note: Hope Eliot has a better day...and you also.

mompriest said...

Thank, Karla, for the interview. I really enjoyed our time together even in this attic studio with the psycho kitty, who is indeed gorgeous! oops, now I spilled coffee was wonderful to spend this time with you.

Anonymous said...

aw, thanks, lovely .. that was an incredibly generous and beautiful description of 'diary' .. much love!

and beyonce? really? think jay-z .. still?

revkjarla said...

uhhh, I was just thinking how cool it would be to sing like her and have long legs, even for a day. ;-)