Saturday, May 09, 2009

here's the thing.

I got up early...
to go over my plans for the CE retreat I am leading, beginning at 9:00.
I have spent the last 45 minutes reading Friday Fives.
Gotta get my mojo together.

Wish I were writing a sermon rather than spending the morning fretting about how to staff our Safe Church Sunday School where each class must have two unrelated teachers, and of course, parents want only two grades together at a time (e.g. 2-3) in spite of the fact that means we need 16 volunteers each least. We can do this. But combining classes more would be so helpful, because 16 people each Sunday is more than ten percent of our average attendance. Plus, there are all those people in the choir. Then our beautiful group of elders who just barely make it to worship. Then those who have 'retired' from teaching after twenty years or so.
Doesn't leave many to peg for volunteers.

But I am not writing a sermon, because I share a pulpit with two other people, and a thriving music music ministry that sponsors several Sundays a year. Which is great. Really it is. For the church. There is really wonderful energy and vibrancy right now.

Sometimes, though, it isn't always great for me. I guess it isn't about me.
It is and it isn't --I know.

It's the end of the program year.

Time to go print those handouts.


Songbird said...

Yeah. I've been on a staff for what, 8 days now? Next Sunday I'll be sitting around during Music Sunday. This is hard for me to comprehend!

mompriest said...

I'm preaching at a funeral today - but not tomorrow. I share the puplit with a few others....although I set the schedule so I can sort of pick and choose how often and when I preach - but the point is, I still have to share.

There is something very grounding about preaching every week.

(word verification, "asist" - how funny is that?)