Tuesday, May 05, 2009

so why can't I get the dang picture

to fit in the square without living blank space in the header????


jesswilson said...

space to create something more?

space to breathe?

space to remind you that God is always in the spaces?

space for the sake of space?

space for each visitor's own musings?

why not?

Songbird said...

You have to adjust your picture to the width of Blogger's box. I'm not sure what the measurement actually is. But try cropping a picture and experiment with it (because you have nothing else to do, right?).

mompriest said...

I end up with that same probably...usually I'm better off using a photo that is in "lanscape"....usually then it ends up being wide enough to fit the space...but otherwise, I HAVE NO IDEA....sigh....

romelover said...

just a traveling reader who wanted to say DON'T change your photo if you can't make it fit. It's wonderful.