Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Five: Insects!!!

Sophia over at RevGals offers this Friday Five:
As I was walking the beach today, I was surprised and delighted to find it swarming with ladybugs. The sweet little red beetles are one of my favorite insects and also my daughter's blogname--though as of this morning she was thinking of changing it to Butterfly. I'll keep you posted.

This got me thinking about spiritual insect trivia: Did you know that medieval mystics and theologians esteemed the bee for its dedicated work and transformation of ordinary ingredients into sweetness? That Spider Woman is an important creator Goddess to many Native American tribes? Or that Francis of Assisi was reminded of Jesus not only by lambs being led to slaughter, but also by worms (think "I am a worm and no man" from the Psalms)-- so he picked them up and took them out of stomping-vulnerable spots?!

In that spirit, this week's Friday Five is a magical mystery tour through God's garden of creepy crawlies!

1. Ladybugs or ladybirds? Pillbugs or roly-polys? Jesus bugs or water skeeters? Any other interesting regional or familial name variations?
Ladybugs, definitely. Water Skeeters--but I love Jesus bugs, although that is the first I have ever heard of it.

2. Stomp on spiders, carry them outside, or peacefully co-exist?
I DO. NOT. STOMP. ON. SPIDERS. EVER. So, if I can take them outside, I do-I think they might be happier there. Or, I just let them be. Don't you just love spider webs in trees? The corner of the porch? Charlotte's Webs?

3. Favorite insect?
Inch Worms. I love how they inch!!!

4. Least favorite?

5. Got any good bug stories to share?
In spite of my proclivity towards preserving all life, when I lived in Florida, the roaches were the size of large cats. (slight exaggeration) If I found them in the house, I would suck them up in the vacuum cleaner and take the bag out to the trash.

Bonus question: share a poem, song, quotation, etc. about insects.
"Inch worm, inch worm, I love you!!"

and, of course,
(all together now)

"The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout..."


Processing Counselor said...

I have rarely seen an inch worm! Forgot that poem!

Beth said...

I must confess that, while I'd love to return to Florida living, I do not miss the giant cockroaches!

altar ego said...

Just saw an inch worm a few days ago. They are such fun!

Muthah+ said...

I'm with you on Roaches. I lived in New Orleans and remember them well. They especially lived in the Palm trees and when we went to cut the Palms for Palm Sunday they were gross.

Sophia said...

I forgot about inchworms--they are extremely cute.

And I honor your nonviolent approach to living with spiders.

MaineCelt said...

Did you ever see the Muppet Show rendition of the inchworm song? So sweet!

Barbara B. said...

Inch worms do 'inch' well! :)

Bad Alice said...

Roaches - that's one reason I don't like bagless vacuums. I should be able to toss them without ever seeing them again.

Jan said...

The roaches in Florida must be much like the ones in Texas--pretty much same latitude and humidity. Yuck.

mompriest said...

Karla, you are so sweet, I swear!

You know those roaches lived long lives in those vaccuum bags - probably happy lives too...ewww...and until I moved to AZ I would NEVER hurt a critter in my house...but here, well, here they can really hurt me or my sweet kitties - so I don't tolerate them. sigh....

zorra said...

I know you weren't exaggerating much about the Florida roaches, because I know too much about south Texas roaches!! As the Scientist says, you have to drop them on the first shot, because when they're wounded, they charge!

Mary Beth said...

My sister spider lover!!